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July 20 2015:French tutorial Update Redouane has made some corrections to the french tutorial translation files. The translation files can be found in the download section April 26 2015:French tutorial KeKeCoRe has translated the tutorial to french. The translation files can be found in the download section.

March 19 2015:Joining the Twitter fad: Since I'm surprised the Twitter fad still hasn't died out, I decided to join it. Someone already took cheatengine and cheat_engine, so you can go to @_cheatengine instead. No idea if I'll update it often, but I'll probably use it for new version releases and site updates when needed, and probably some experimental build notifications.

 August 19 2014:MonoDataCollector update: The mono data collector has been updated with added support for 64-bit targets, and better support for targets that have renamed mono.dll to something else (You'll have to call LaunchMonoDataCollector() or mono_dissect() lua commands manually in those cases) You can get the updated files here. Just extract to the base of the cheat engine folder overwriting the existing files July 6 2014:DotNetDataCollector update: The dotnet data collector tool has been updated to also gather fields of base classes of the object you're currently investigating. You can get the updated files here. Just overwrite the ones in the cheat engine installation folder with the ones in this archive.

June 19 2014:Cheat Engine 6.4 Released: I'd like to announce the release of Cheat Engine 6.4 If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, please do not hesitate to report them in the forum, bugtracker, irc or by e-mail. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the forum or irc Fixes: Network: Network server can now handle multiple incoming connections at the same time Gui: Fixed a crash when using multiple scan tabs Assembler/Disassembler: Fixed several assembler/disassembler bugs Debug: Fixed issues where deleting a breakpoint wouldn't actually remove it, causing a crash Debug: Fixed a problem where deleting a breakpoint that was marked for deletion would never happen if the game was constantly triggering the debugger Lua: Fixed the 6.2 and earlier version of opendialog_execute Lua: Fixed memscan.waitTillDone() when using it on the gui memscan Lua: Fixed speedhack_setSpeed() not taking more than 3 digits D3D Hook: Direct3D9 objects now support transparency D3D Hook: Fix detection of which directx version is actually used for rendering Dissect Data: Fixed the column click detection when scrolled Auto Assembler: Fixed some commands not highlighting properly Ultimap: Fixed ultimap so it now works in windows 8 Ultimap: Fixed the hotkeys Ultimap: Fixed the hint popup for pre-emptive flushing Symbols: Fixed a problem where 32-bit modules where detected as 64-bit Memory Scan: Fixed next scan causing a buffer overflow in some rare situations Form Designer: Fixed a problem where deleting a non visible object failed (press the delete key in the object inspector tree) Trainer Designer: Fixed the go back to generated form from functioning and related issues PE-Info: Fixed a possibility where a bad PE header could cause an read error Memory view: Hexview: Fix 8-byte value editing Syntax Highlighters LUA/AA: Fixed UTF8 encoded text Syntax Highlighters AA: Added xmm registers

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