Be Carefull if you use whatsapp

EU court has ordered companies to their employees across the UK and dygrmysjng service WhatsApp messages anyone can read. European Court of Human case filed by a company that ruled the working hours of their employees can read messages and it is their right to do so.
Romania company employee working during his fiance and to messaging brother was fired, he had to go to court. The judges said that the company's messaging service employee during job hours chatting with her ​​fiance exchanged numbers and the professional rules are violated.
Experts say that the decision of each company in the UK private messaging for its employees to learn the way is opened and the court made ​​clear in its decision that an employee is at work in the company's view that the messaging is right and that all the messages about the company What is your employee in question. 8 against the decision of a judge while allowing the companies or the personal messaging at work ban is a violation of personal rights of employees.

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