Change the 8 habits and look good

Are you older than your current age look? If you look in the mirror do not want to change his daily habits would be the best method, food and sleep on your face can reduce the life span of the old.

Learn about a few habits that you can quickly old.

Many work at a time or multi-task
simultaneous multiple tasks every time you are accustomed to the stress of a busy life, your body will have to pay the price.

Several research reports have come before it that much more stress to harm body cells and accelerate aging causes.

Experts say it is a time to complete the work and then concentrate on anything else.

Use a lot of sweetness
is not sweet like asyaءks but with the increase in body weight also aggravates with age your face. Because our cells use sugar or sugar is connected to and the subsequent heading disappears from the face and dark circles under the eyes are emerging.

Similar facial wrinkles and fine lines that make the old. Some sweet asyaءsy avoided if your face is helpful in maintaining brightness.

Less sleep,
less sleep not only causes circles around the eyes is ugly, but it also reduces the life span. Sleep less than seven hours daily habit of taking daily low energy, mental lethargy, difficulty focusing or cause of obesity is typically.

Watch too much TV
people today spend a lot of time watching TV programs, but according to a study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine continuously for one hour and twenty minutes watching TV reduces life. Similarly, individuals who watch TV an average of six hours he used to stay away from people who can not survive less than five years.

This is the reason that most of you sit to watch TV, which the body begins to accumulate sugar in our cells, which increases the risk of obesity.

One way to avoid this is that if you're watching TV, get up and walk for thirty minutes too late.

Spend more time sitting
day or spend more time sitting in the slow lifestyle addicts that obesity is a risk of kidney and heart diseases as well as cancer risk increases as well. If you keep yourself healthy habit of exercising daily panan be most beneficial.

The use of too much makeup
on the face of old age using too much makeup will make your trip even faster. Too much make-up products, especially oil contained in the skin tiny holes or pores are closed and cause problems.

The early products of alcohol and chemical use with the fragrance of natural moisture from skin ends and they wither, which are done to premature wrinkles.  

On the face during sleep pillows to
lie on stomach or side sleeping pillows in your face is subdued and with the emergence of old age causes wrinkles.

According to a study in face down pillows are constantly being weakened from within and they do not see the present age. If you do not stretch the skin so smooth.

Drinking through straws beverage
drink through a straw to drink if your teeth from getting stained lips to shrink but it will save the wrinkles around the eyes and face when it becomes due.

This is also the time to be smoking.

Ending the use of fat from your diet completely. The use of fat in the diet to some extent express the personality and sense of maturity is necessary.

Fish rich in omega-three fatty acids and some nuts such as walnuts, etc. skin supple and prevent wrinkles, while improving the health of the heart and brain.

Sit down
in front of your computer or laptop keyboard sitting hours bent back your spine ugly kbry pin is in the form dhl.

It's naturally balanced shape of the bone is a tilt so walking is not difficult.

But the shape is changed to bow hours, the muscles and bones become abnormally depressed premature elderly are forced to walk like.

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