How to get low cost airplane ticket

If you ever have to travel to get the cheap tickets Kayak (Kayak) or aurbz (Orbitz) Web sites on a trip to another Web site Delta (Tripdelta) claimed that according to the above Web sites compared to 80 percent of the people through their website can get subsidized air tickets. "Business Insider" reports the site was made ​​2 years ago, a team of developers. The Web site is a complex lugrthm mnfrdaur (aadaduusmar) system, which is built like a skilled hacker finds offers from airlines.
Site The nearest airports lugrthm system connections or connections via air travel between the two airlines Alternative routes can search the Web site's team "secret job," says. Site founder of Maxi million Abel told Business Insider that "the right to find flights that are hard to detect hidden connections. To find hidden connections automatically increase your performance, automatically learning new things and to predict potential lugrthm system is required, the system can find solutions. "Said our web site to other web links to sites about 500 times more flights, airlines and compare routes and gives the user access to the cheapest ticket. These routes can search through any and usually do not know, nor do they show the site, so called because they are secret air ports. Contact ayrpurtun traveling through them you can save up to 80 percent.

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