Muslims have more than one wife will not get a job

Muslim militants in India's public life miserable, but not prepared in any way to undermine the rights of the Muslims is not far behind. In this latest shocking move by the government of Uttar Pradesh has emerged from the 3500 advertisement for recruitment of teachers, so it was clear that more than one wives Muslim men eligible to apply for this job are not.
journal Huffington Post, the Times of India newspaper quoted the advertisement more than just the husbands, the wives were not incompetent but also women whose husbands have been disqualified more than one wife. Uttar Pradesh's ruling Samajwadi Party officials say the move created about the widow's pension Vinay has been to eliminate the ambiguity.

Learn more: husband's infidelity tight wife filled the city with posters, they wrote such a thing, knowing that nobody ghbrajayy
the protest by Muslims against discrimination coming. Muslim Personal laءburd the move as a violation of the rights of the Muslims is the worst. 3500 posts of Urdu teachers for receipt of applications will begin January 19

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