About Sidh


Sidh is located approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Kharian and 35 kilometres (22 mi) from Gujrat. Its neighbouring villages include Kohli, Jakharr, Bhaati and Udha. By election area It has UC-102, PP-115, NA-107.


The majority of inhabitants of village are Sidhu Jatts; the name of the village is derived from their caste. They come from elite clan of warriors and were very much demand as soldiers and officers in the British raj. There are almost 400 households in Sidh, of which more than 350 are Jatts. Jatts use surname Chauhdhary. Others are Bhatti, Baig, Tarkhan, Darzi, Lohar & Syed.


Sidh hosts five Mosques, a post office, an animal hospital, shops, a mill and many schools. The land surrounding the village is arid, production of crops is totally dependent on seasonal rainfall. As a result, agriculture has not been the main source of income for the local population. Many of the villagers have gone overseas to find work. Some people have settled in England, USA, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and Greece etc.


Sidh is also a very popular village amongst all the villages of Gujrat for its sports. Basic sports played in Sidh are Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton and Kabaddi. Sidhu fighters Cricket Club is currently the most successful team of the village. It has recently won about 15 tournament in a very short time period of 16 months and they have not stopped yet. Sidh has produced many great players of the region in many sports.


  • Government High School for Girls
  • Government Elementary School for Boys
  • Government Primary School for Girls
  • Government Primary School for Boys
  • Hassan Public High School
  • The Village Public School
  • Quaid-e-Azam Public High School

Religious schools

  • Jamia Ashrafia Tajveed-ul-Quran.
  • Jamia Ameen-ul-Hasnaat Sidh.


Shops & Plazas, Swimming Pool, Mills, Fertilized Land, Schools, Drainage System, Sui-Gas Points, Politary Farm, Post Office, Local Transport, Paved Streets, Graveyard, PTCL Landline, Vfone, DSL Internet, Telephone Exchange, Cable TV, Electricity, Dispensories, Animal Hospital, Religious Schools, Wide Play-Grounds, Welfare Foundation.


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